Koio Starstruck


Director: Tyler Greco
Visual Effects by Spontaneous/Scarlett

Tyler Greco, “KOIO’s brand vision inspired me with romantic imagery, specifically ideas from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series, Bladerunner and the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. New York has always been a place where the hopes and dreams of millions light up the night in tenements and skyscrapers. I imagined the city and every light within twisted upside down in galactic proportions – the three artists our constellations.”

KOIO // Starstruck // Brand Film 190 Seconds


Producer: Elizabeth Victorine
Director of Photography: Joe Victorine

Editorial: BlueRock
Editor: Olivier Wicki
Assistant Editor: Matt Elias

Executive Creative Director: Darryl Mascarenhas
Creative Director: Lawrence Nimrichter

Visual Effects Artists: Philana Dias, Animesh Dwivedi, David A. Elkins,
James Emmerich, Marc Goldfine, Soheil Khosravinejad, Joon Lee,
Matt McDonald, Andy Milkis, George Smaragdis, Sean R. Smith, David Soto

Managing Director, Spontaneous: Cara Cutrone
Managing Director, Scarlett: Wendy Brovetto
Executive Producer, Spontaneous: Chris Decker
Senior Producer, Scarlett: Adam Zeitlen
Producer, Scarlett: Danielle James