Sean R. Smith

Since 2008, Sean R. Smith has been working in the New York City post production community. The University of Kansas graduate had begun his career a year previously as an editor and motion graphics artist with CBS News. At Technicolor-PostWorks (2008-2017), Smith has expanded his skill set to encompass editorial finishing, color grading and visual effects, and he has applied his talents to projects ranging from unscripted television shows, documentaries, independent features and commercials. He has completed numerous for Peacock Productions, a division of NBC-Universal, including the true-crime series Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall and the political documentary The President’s Gatekeepers.

In a December 2013 article, Smith’s innovative artistic approach for broadcast, non-fiction series on the Nucoda Film Master system was described…

“… in a manner similar to the way they would grade a feature film. Working directly with the original camera files, PostWorks senior finishing editor and colorist Sean R. Smith applies a C-log-to-Rec. 709 LUT to establish a basic look, and then makes fine adjustments.

It’s a unique workflow for a show of this type,’ said Smith. ‘The C-log color results in a flat image so that when you begin the grading pass, all options are available. It gives us tremendous latitude with the look of the show.”

A student of the latest post technologies, he enjoys both the variety of his work and the opportunity to use post-production tools in creative and innovative ways.

Smith is currently working full time with Spontaneous as a Flame Artist.

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